Hello! Welcome To Visual Syrup

We are a Melbourne Website Design, Media, and SEO outfit.

Visual Syrup is a small team of artistic thinkers that excel against the restrictive creativity of the regular mind, and enjoy pushing the collective boundaries of art & technology.
We occupy the vanguard of quality workmanship in order to genuinely deliver customer satisfaction.


Visual Syrup is a contemporary web design & media group delivering high-end output at affordable prices.


A key element for any business that seeks to attain online credibility.

Facebook, Instagram, and most other social platforms are incredible tools for your business.
However, a professionally built website has the ability to extend trust & confidence in your service to the members of your audience who harbour the expectation for a business to have more than just a social media account.

At Visual Syrup, we place enormous focus on this aspect when building your website, because we know that if the overall appearance & usability of your site falls short – nobody’s going to want to browse through your content.
So because of this, we spend time making you look AWESOME online.


All our websites are built to look beautiful on any platform or device.


“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous”
– Bill Moyers


Professional photography & videography to give your service the advantage it deserves!

Aesthetic appeal is IMPORTANT.
The pictures and videos that you use on your website are crucial, and can be a deal-breaker for potential customers.

Photo’s and Videos have an unmatched ability to deliver a message that words and text sometimes struggles to convey.
Take a professional approach and let Visual Syrup create a stunning media package for you.

Here is some of the awesome videography that we have produced for our clients.


Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

On-Site & Off-Site optimisation to drive more customers to your website.
Or for use of a better phrase;
Getting your website to the 1st page of Google.

Everybody uses Google to find what they need.

Visual Syrup offers a complete SEO service. From On-Site auditing & adjusting, to Off-Site campaigns that are designed to dominate your industry’s competition.

We use tactical thinking & ethical techniques to give you a significant lift in the Search Engine Rankings which frequently results in a page 1 placement.




Our goal is to deliver awesome results that make you smile!

We work with many businesses, some large, some small, and some micro.
It makes no difference how many employees you have or don’t have, we charge the same price and deliver the same high quality work.
We love meeting new people and enjoy taking some time away from our computers to talk to our clients about their online goals & ideas.
Contact us to schedule some time for a friendly chat today!







To enquire about any of our services, please use our fast & friendly contact form.

Sending an enquiry through our contact form is as good as having our personal email address, anything sent through here lands straight onto our phones & straight into our desktop mail client.

So rest assured that we have definitely received your message, and we almost always reply within 1 business day.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!